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Every gardener quickly learns that good soil is vital for a healthy, productive garden. Good soil means the soil has the right nutrients for feeding the plants and a texture that holds water long enough for plant roots to access it, but well-draining enough that the roots are not sitting in water, which can rot the roots. Without good soil, your plants will struggle to survive, and you will be constantly feeding and watering them to compensate for the poor soil. Improving your garden soil is not a quick job, but it will pay you back with multiple benefits. The best soil texture for growing plants is what is called “loam”.

Because of the balance of ingredients, loam is the ideal garden soil. Its texture is porous, allowing water to flow through slowly enough for the plants to access it but fast enough to avoid waterlogged, soggy soil. Loam is loose and crumbly in our hands. This is referred to as friable. Loose soil provides room for air to mix into the soil, which is also necessary for optimal plant growth. Loam is also nutrient-rich.

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Loam soil is the decomposing organic material that creates the well-draining conditions plants need. It is also the organic matter that attracts the beneficial organisms that will help keep the soil healthy and alive. Shredded leaves, straw, and finished compost work beautifully in creating rich, loamy soil as they decompose.

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